Quilt of Enlightenment

The library derives spaces from the nature of a quilt in which program strips are “woven” together in alternating directions. The strips of space decrease in width to accommodate for an increase in density as the experience on each floor transitions from a public gathering space to a private search. The ceiling height from floor to floor also increases to heighten the progression and final “holy” experience: one feels alone among the vast collection of information. As one rises through this progression of density, each space, through the thinning of volumes decreases in noise level, and provides an increasingly private experience. The cladding becomes denser upon the ascend and the mentality more focused. As one returns downward their newfound knowledge sets in while the cladding re-opens allowing in more light. The spaces widen to allow for a more social environment, voices and movement welcome the individual back in to the community where they can share their enlightenment.

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