This space serves as a reminder that the pursuit for happiness lies in following our basic instincts and taking pride in what we love. Wegner embraced this philosophy in all of his projects. He was honest to himself, to his passion, and to his work, and that is what makes his chairs such timeless successes. Jan Gehl, Danish urban designer, has said “people attract people,” and Strøget is living proof of this claim. Hardly five minutes go by with less than ten pedestrians passing by. This showroom was designed with the motive of portraying this constant flow of vibrant pedestrians. In the form of a spiraling journey upward towards each reveal towards the street and towards the rare and mystical Danish light. Chairs are positioned so users can test each one as they go. Once at the long, narrow aperture they can pause in one of Wegner’s pieces and glance out towards the street. Bare attempts to capture and provide for these humble needs of the Danes: people, sunlight and comfort.

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